10 Adult Jokes Hidden in Your Childhood Films

  • The Rurgrats Movie - Venus
  • The Rurgrats Movie - Venus In "The Rugrats Movie," there is a scene in which Dil Pickles, Tommy's younger brother, is born. When Charlotte and Betty are trying to tell Didi, the mom, that Dill is a boy, Charlotte says, "You know what they say: 'Born under Venus, look for a-.
  • The Rurgrats Movie - Venus " We're sure you can fill in the rest.
  • Aladdin and the King of Thieves - Earth Shake
  • Aladdin and the King of Thieves - Earth Shake Robin Williams' character Genie always had something funny to say in the first Aladdin film, and this is no different in the sequel. At one point, a raging herd of elephants comes rushing toward the palace while the wedding ceremony is taking place, and genie says "I thought the earth wasn't supposed to shake until the honeymoon?!?
  • Aladdin and the King of Thieves - Earth Shake "
  • Toy Story - Potato
  • Toy Story - Potato Mr. Potato is the grouchy, angry character of the toy bunch, and his insults reflect that. When the group had turned against the envious Woody, Slinky stepped up to defend our favorite cowboy, and Mr.
  • Toy Story - Potato Potato Head took off his mouth and tapped his behind with said mouth, meaning "kiss ass."
  • Wallace & Gromit CUrse of the Were-Rabbit - Nuts
  • Wallace & Gromit CUrse of the Were-Rabbit - Nuts When everyone's favorite clay-animated character (Wallace) found himself naked at a festival, he quickly used a box to cover up. The front of said box held the words "may contain nuts," a warning that was definitely warranted given the circumstances.
  • Cars 2 - Lemon Cars
  • Cars 2 - Lemon Cars Cars 2 has a scene in which the lemon cars have a party. In fact, you might even call said party a lemon party, and the cars even go so far as to call it that. If you don't get this joke, that's great!
  • Cars 2 - Lemon Cars You haven't seen the reference yet.
  • Shrek - Snow White
  • Shrek - Snow White "Shrek" is filled with tons of adult jokes, so if you haven't rewatched this film, you definitely should. While Lord Farquad is surveying some future brides through the Mirror, said pane of talking glass says, "Although she lives with seven other men, she's not easy.
  • Shrek - Snow White "
  • Despicable Me - The Bank of Evil
  • Despicable Me - The Bank of Evil At one point, Steve Carell's character Gru drops by The Bank of Evil, and the sign at the entrance has some smaller writing at the bottom that says "formerly known as The Lehman Brothers.
  • Despicable Me - The Bank of Evil " The Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. was fourth-largest investment bank in the US before declaring bankruptcy back in 2008, and it was a company known for shady business practices.
  • Space Jam - Ewing
  • Space Jam - Ewing While Patrick Ewing is being treated and questioned by the psychiatrist, he's asked if there are any other areas besides basketball where he has been "unable to perform." Ewing then turns to the psychiatrist with a defensive look and quickly says no.
  • Space Jam - Ewing Are you sure Patrick Ewing? Are you positive?
  • Madagascar - Run
  • Madagascar - Run

    When Marty is being chase Alex, he said "Oh sugar honey iced tea!" as he quickly flees the scene. Look at the last four words very closely for the joke.

  • Rango - Plan B
  • Rango - Plan B While Rango is in the massive water bottle with Beans, he hold up a bullet in his mouth and says that he has a plan B. Beans then goes on to swallow said bullet after kissing Rango.
  • Rango - Plan B In response, Rango says, "No need to panic. But I think you just swallowed Plan B."
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